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The efficacy and contraindications of Dashanzha Pill
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The efficacy and contraindications of Dashanzha Pill

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The efficacy and contraindications of Dashanzha Pill

【New clinical application】

1. Treatment of bacillary dysentery

Someone used Dashanzha Pills to treat 38 patients with bacillary dysentery, including 23 males and 15 females; the oldest was 61 years old, the youngest was 17 years old, and the average was 39 years old; the shortest course of disease was 1 day, and the longest was 4 days. The average is 2.5 days. Clinical observation of 38 cases of this disease, after 20 days of treatment, all of them reached the following clinical cure criteria: (1) fever, abdominal pain, lower abdominal tenderness, tenesmus and other symptoms disappeared; (2) daily stool frequency was within 2 times; (3) ) The feces are formed, and no pus and blood are observed by naked eyes. Stool microscopy (1). The recent cure rate is 100%. Usage: Oral administration of Dashanzha Pills, 2 pills each time, 3 times a day, with warm water. 10 days is a course of treatment. In order to consolidate the curative effect, one course of treatment can be continued. Practice has proved that this formula has the characteristics of high curative effect, short course of treatment, easy administration, etc., and is worthy of further clinical promotion.

2. Treatment of viral enteritis

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this disease is mostly caused by cold and dampness, damp and heat accumulating in the intestines, and water dampness betting. 98 patients with viral enteritis were treated with Dashanzha Pills (all outpatients, who had little or no effect after western medicine treatment), including 60 males and 37 females; the youngest was 3 months and the oldest was 5 years old; the course of disease was the shortest 2 days, up to 7 days; diarrhea times at least 6 times a day, up to 14 times. Stool examination showed varying degrees of pus cells, mucus, and undigested matter. Usage: Oral Dashanzha Pills, 1/3~1/2 pills (Darmi Pills) each time, 3 times a day, take with warm water. Results: Among the 97 cases, 30 cases were cured within 2-3 days of medication, 41 cases were cured within 4-5 days, and 22 cases were cured within 6-7 days. ) in 3 cases, and 2 cases ineffective (the symptoms and signs did not change significantly after 3 days of medication). The total effective rate is 98.0%.

3. Treatment of atrial arrhythmia

According to reports, Tang Liwen used Dashanzha Pill to treat one case of suspected coronary heart disease with atrial arrhythmia, and the treatment with western medicine was ineffective. After 2 days of treatment with Dashanzha Pills, the patient's symptoms of chest tightness, shortness of breath, and abdominal distension were significantly improved. After 1 week, the symptoms disappeared, and the electrocardiogram was normal. After 30 days of continuous administration, the disease seemed to disappear.

4. Treatment of anorexia in children

Someone used Dashanzha Pill to treat 51 cases of children with anorexia. After 7-10 days of medication, 40 cases were cured, accounting for 78.4%; 6 cases were improved, accounting for 11.8%; 3 cases were effective, accounting for 5.9%; 2 cases were ineffective. For example, 3.9%. The total effective rate was 96.1%. Usage: Oral administration of Dashanzha Pills (Shuifan Pills), 2 grams for 2-3 years old; 3 grams for 4-5 years old; 4 grams for 6-7 years old, 5 grams for 8-9 years old; 6 grams for 10-13 years old gram.


1. Pregnant women are forbidden to take it.

2. During the period of taking the medicine, avoid greasy, cold, tobacco, alcohol and spicy food.

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