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The efficacy and role of Liuwei Dihuang Wan
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The efficacy and role of Liuwei Dihuang Wan

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The efficacy and role of Liuwei Dihuang Wan

1. Treatment of diabetes

Diabetes is a common and frequently-occurring disease, and its mortality rate ranks third in various diseases, second only to tumors and cardiovascular diseases. Generally, hypoglycemic drugs such as glyburide and damekang are used for treatment. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is called diabetes, with yin deficiency as the root and dryness as the standard. Liuwei Dihuangjian has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney yin, and is a famous prescription for treating "diabetes" disease.

2. Treatment of diabetic nephropathy

Diabetic nephropathy is one of the common complications of diabetes, and clinically it is usually divided into increased glomerular filtration rate and increased renal volume, normal urine albumin excretion rate but glomerulus structural changes, early diabetic nephropathy , clinical diabetic nephropathy, end-stage renal failure and other stages.

3. Treatment of menopausal syndrome

Menopause is a normal physiological process in which women's ovarian function gradually declines to disappear. Some women have symptoms of dysfunction in the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, cardiovascular system, and metabolism. Western medicine generally adopts estrogen replacement therapy, which has quick curative effect but severe side effects. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment is mainly based on nourishing the kidney, and nourishing the yin and yang of the kidney. Modified Liuwei Dihuang Pills is superior to Gengnian'an Tablets in the treatment of women's climacteric syndrome.

4. Treatment of erectile dysfunction in middle-aged and elderly men

The main pathogenesis of erectile dysfunction in middle-aged and elderly men is imbalance of yin and yang, deficiency of liver and kidney yin, and decline of vital energy. Clinical studies have shown that Liuwei Dihuang Pills have the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening yang and wilting in this disease. This so-called person who is good at seeking yin seeks yin in yang, and a person who is good at seeking yang seeks yang in yin. If yin and yang are harmonious, then the function is normal.

5. Treatment of insomnia

Insomnia belongs to the category of "insomnia" in traditional Chinese medicine. Most of the people with yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity are in the majority. Liuwei Dihuang Pills "three tonics" nourish the yin of the liver, kidney and heart, and the "three discharges" are effective for venting excess fire. But the responsibility lies in the accuracy of clinical dialectics, and it needs to be added and subtracted according to the syndrome, and it needs to be adjusted according to the time, place, and individual conditions to be effective, and you should not stick to - - prescription - medicine. Liuwei Dihuang Pills has a significant curative effect on the insomnia syndrome of deficiency of yin essence and floating fire of asthenia.

6. Recurrent mouth sores

Recurrent aphthous ulcer is one of the diseases with the highest incidence rate among oral mucosal diseases. The age of onset is estimated to be between 20-45 years old, and there are more women. The ulcer has the characteristics of periodicity, recurrence and self-limiting. "Aphthous sores" and "mouth ulcers" belong to traditional Chinese medicine. The pathogenesis is caused by the intrusion of relative fire, and the treatment is mainly to nourish kidney yin and absorb asthenic fire. Liuwei Dihuang Pills can not only shorten the healing time of ulcers, reduce the pain of ulcers, but also control the recurrence of ulcers and prolong the interval between ulcer attacks.

7. Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is manifested as a persistent or recurrent fatigue state for not less than 6 months. Clinical evaluation often has no obvious pathological indications and cannot be relieved after rest. It is accompanied by memory loss, headache, sleep disturbance and depression. Physical and mental symptoms. Mostly occurs in people who have heavy mental and physical labor. Patients are usually very sensitive to drugs, especially drugs that affect the central nervous system, but there is no fundamental treatment. This belongs to the category of "burnout", "dirty dryness" and "asthenia" in traditional Chinese medicine, and is closely related to the liver, spleen and kidney. The treatment should soothe the liver, invigorate the spleen and invigorate the kidney. And Liuwei Dihuang Pills have a better effect in treating chronic fatigue syndrome.

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